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Pursuit in Technology is Art
1/8 Size of National Treasure in Clay

This is an unforgettable project exploring the possibilities of 3D cultural heritage usage, by combining industrial technologies and art. Basara Taisho is one of 12 divine generals at Shin-Yakushiji Temple in Nara, made of clay, and is designated as national treasure.
3D laser scanning was performed a number of times to obtain precise 3D data, with approx. 30,720,000 point cloud data, to which IRISO SEIMITSU's MC machining and reverse engineering technologies were used to create a precise 1/8 model.
Fully authorized by: Shin-Yakushiji Temple
Device used: NMV5000DCG by Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.
Producer of project: Kiwami Kobo (Present REAL EDGE)
Endmill provided: NS TOOL CO., LTD.
3D Data provided: CAD CENTER
Adviser: Prof. Ichiro Nagasawa, former professor at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music