Iriso Seimitsu presents

Stamping of machined seals

Each letter with "0.15mm width and height" is machined from metal and stamped upon request.
Ideal for memorable goods and prevention of forgery.
Fine machining technology at IRISO SEIMITSU has made micro stamping of logos and designs possible, flexible in design and form. High in durability, this stamping will be ideal for longterm usage and maintenance of important items, not to mention prevention of forgery. Please contact us for pricing. Ordinary size stamping also possible upon request.



Letter Size: from 0.15mmx0.15mm 
*Please contact for smaller sizes.


Stampable Material - aluminum, copper, brass, soft iron, etc.
*Not possible with hard materials, such as hard iron.



Alphabets A to Z
Numbers 0 to 9


Please contact us for original logos, Chinese characters and other special letters.


Example of Micro Art KOKUIN of logo on iPhone CASE button

Other design examples


Pricing Example (for Iriso logo)

Initial Manufacturing Fee: 150,000 yen
  (Logo design must be provided. This includes chisel fee)

Lots and Unit Prices
  (For ordinary cases without special stamping)

- Lot of 100: unit price will be 250 yen
- Lot of 200: unit price will be 180 yen
- Lot of 500: unit price will be 120 yen
- Lot of 1000: unit price will be 80 yen