Our machining and related technologies

technology type of work outline examples

Precise Machining Hi-precision 3-axis and 5-axis machining - audio panel
- motor sports items
Fine Machining

Fine machining, including creation of fine holes, fine chases, and fine holes in curved surface. - titan gear
- ring
- 0.3mm dice
- propeller
- collimator
- bearing parts, etc.

Assembling with Micro Parts Handling System

Assembling parts 1mm and under, without professional expertise. - passing φ0.005 tungsten wire through φ0.01 hole
- creating a dice tower using three 0.3mm dice


From 3D Scanning to Machining

Machining of existing items without drawings, or adding changes to existing items without drawings. - Metallic Divine General Basara (Original is national treasure)
- 3D Figures, etc.
At IRISO SEIMITSU, on top of our original quality management system, we follow quality management standards provided by our customers, and create related inspection standard documents and process-control sheets as requested. Upon request, we will also prepare inspection result documents for any finished product. Inspection of completed products will be performed by professional staff and public inspection organizations to provide precise data.

<3D Machining>
Creation of 3D objects with geometric shapes, or shapes digitalized from nature, whichever is possible. Toolmarks can be creatively used as part of design.
<Fine Machining>
Special tools for fine machining is used to control 1/10000mm precise and fine machining. Various conditions, including facility and machining conditions influence such machining, and at IRISO SEIMITSU we meet challenges with our original theory for best quality and cost performance.
<Online Machining Centers>
Our CAD/CAM workstations and machining devices with large-volume data servers and clamping systems with same conditions are connected online, for smooth machining process. Sometimes 10 times as much number of machines are operated in the night time for best performance. Multiple item machining using all of machining center table is simple and effective. No use to prepare a large-scale system to cope with both minimum production and quality production.

Precise Machining

5-axis and 3-axis machining centers are fully utilized for highly-precise microfabrication. On top of digital data, we deal with various geometric shapes and also digitalized natural shapes. Maximum size is 400x700xh400. Tool marks sometimes add a refined design look to the products.

Audio Panel

Complicated Surface Machining

MATERIAL: A5052 SIZE (mm): 380×66×40
TREATMENT: alumite treatment

Air Cleaner (motor sports)

Screw Draw Machining

MATERIAL: A5052 SIZE (mm): φ90  t=10
TREATMENT: alumite treatment

Funnel (motor sports)

Screw Machining

MATERIAL: A5052 SIZE (mm): φ135 t=45
TREATMENT: alumite treatment

Fine Machining

In pursuit of precision in the 1/10000mm world, we make full use of control machines and very small-radius endmills, and of course, our experience. In this arena, cutting-edge technologies are in full bloom. No conventional method works. Conditions are much more severe. We use our original theory to provide best results and cost performance.

0.3mm Dice

Ultrafine 6-faced machining

SIZE: 0.3x0.3x0.3(mm)



Ultrafine Hole Dome Machining

MATERIAL: titanium   TREAMENT: none
SIZE (mm): φ0.04, PITCH: 0.01, HOLES: 24000

Bearing Parts

Concentric Circle Groove Machining

SIZE (mm): groove 0.002, width: 2.5×2.5



Ultrafine Punching

MATERIAL: titanium   TREAMENT: none
SIZE: φ5.3、t=0.5



Engraved Machining

MATERIAL: brass  SIZE (mm): φ0.75 t=0.2
TREATMENT: gold coating


Shape Machining

MATERIAL: brass   TREATMENT: shape machining
SIZE (mm): φ0.03~0.3 l=2.9


Fine Gear Machining

MATERIAL: titanim   TREATMENT: none
SIZE (mm): φ1.8, l=2.4 , gear teeth:20

Fine Assembling

MICRO PARTS HANDLING SYSTEM was developed to meet the needs in the sub-millimeter works, which attract attention, especially in field of research. With handles which offer delicate operation, and monitors to check the parts to assemble.It is like having your hands in a miniature world. We sell and lease Micro parts Handling System, and will also assemble parts as requested. Demo and visit requests welcome.

Passing φ0.005 tungsten wire through φ0.01 hole

Possible to insert φ0.005 tungsten wire through any selected φ0.01 hole among 10s of holes.

DEVICE: Micro Parts Handling System
SIZE (mm); hole φ0.01, tungsten wire φ0.005

Three 3mm Dice Tower on Rice Grain

Three 0.3mm dice are piled on top of one small unsteady rice grain. May even go higher!

DEVICE: Micro Parts Handling System  
SIZE OF DICE (mm): 0.3 × 0.3 × 0.3

Titan φ0.1mm Screwing, in No Time

Fine screwing work which otherwise would have required professional work and attention.

DEVICE: Micro Parts Handling System  
SIZE (mm): screw φ0.1

Reverse Engineering

Clay mock-ups and existing products can be 3D scanned to create efficient CAD data, which can be used for sample machining, CAE analysis, and various inspections. Reverse engineering is a new type of technology, found very useful in areas of industrial, medical, and art areas.
For CAD data, both surface data and polygon data can be obtained.
Please note that we will only be able to give examples or our own projects below.
1/8 model of national treasure Divine General Basara, from metal ingot
SIZE (mm): 125 × 145 × 250
National Treasure "Divine General BASARA"
Clay model scanned, and 1/8 metallic work recreated.
Click image above for details.
Existing 3D Figures without Drawings Scanned and Recreated
Clay model:45x40x15mm
Recreated model:45x40x15mm